I make moving images. I use cameras and computers to tell stories and excite audiences. 

My clients include independent filmmakers, marketing professionals, and public policy visionaries. I shoot feature length movies, develop graphics for one-of-a-kind arena performances, and capture your attention with the little screen in your hand. Whether I’m behind the camera for weeks at a time or animating a tight, 15-second motion graphic segment, I care deeply about creating experiences that deliver more than just information.

I help clients unify their look, their brand, and their message, striking creative sparks that catch inspirational fire.

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I’ve worked with some terrific collaborators over the years on diverse, creative, and highly successful productions. Different projects need different teams. On your next project, let me help you connect with the right talent to make your message stand out.

Michael Starobin, Writer/Director/Producer, Principal at 1AU Global Media

Michael Starobin is one of the most insightful writer/directors I have ever worked with. Michael goes that extra mile relying on a skillful inventiveness, while still being open to a bit of whimsy. He delivers truly original narratives on subjects ranging from politics to art and culture to space exploration and advanced technology, all the while listening to and trusting the other members of his creative team.

Doug Ray, Director of Photography

I always look forward to Doug’s next call. It means an opportunity to return to my professional roots behind the camera. Without fail, camera operation for Doug Ray is always a delightfully challenging venture. As a duo we combine his years of experience in lighting and as a DP in film and television with my wide-ranging photographic experience. Together we’re a tight team for smartly realizing any director’s creative goals.

Andy Hemmendinger, President, GVI

When your production has a lot on the line, with many moving parts, you need a producer with tons of experience and a heart that understands that your goals are personal. You’ll want Andy Hemmendinger on your team. I’ve known Andy for decades and he's seen it all when it comes to producing films and video. Andy has a keen sense of how to meet the goals of a production while providing a fresh perspective to its presentation.

Viva Creative 

It’s always a rewarding pleasure to work with Viva Creative. These folks deliver excellence. They’re a uniquely talented, and enthusiastic group of creatives who never settle for “good enough”. Viva designs, plans, and produces large arena size conferences, interactive installations, and concerts for corporate, entertainment, and political events around the world. 

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